When Flowers Bloom and Wings Spread: Chapter 1- Experiments

by Amelia K Bowers April 20th is the day a baby girl was born. It is also the day she and many other children were stolen by VIPER. They were taken to a ship base in which the leaders of VIPER talked in different languages. This was so they would grow up knowing many languages. […]

The Odd and Sort of Creepy Misadventure of Michael Pembleton Part 1

The Odd and Sort of Creepy Misadventure of Michael Pembleton Part 1

By Will Thompson It was a dark, cold night. Halloween night, to be exact. Different sounds could be heard on the street outside. Shouts, moans, the random howl, sounds of Halloween night. I Michael W. Pembleton, was up in my room putting on my costume. Our house was in the middle of a residential neighborhood. […]

The Dark Diamond Part 3

A to Zoe Mysteries: The Dark Diamond Part 3 “Listen Saige, the Barber did it. Listen to me!” I ran out of the room and down the steps and into Tulane’s mother. “Dear, whatever she said, she didn’t…” “No time!” I scrambled down the stairs past Tulane’s mother and ran out the door and down […]

A to Zoe Mysteries: The Dark Diamond Part 1

Hello. My name is Saige and I like art. My best friend McKenna and I love to paint everything and it is so realistic! McKenna is also really into gymnastics. I want to tell you about something strange that happened last night. My very important necklace was stolen! All we have left is a detective […]

A to Zoe Mysteries: The Dark Diamond Part 2

As we have seen before: My necklace was stolen. I had gone trick-or-treating. Me and my friend Tulane had dressed up as Pocahontas and Sacajawea. We put shoe polish in our hair to make it black. Our detective said that a girl with black hair had filmed the crime. I went to Tulane’s house. Her […]


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