War Kites

Armed war kites are a fun way to fly kites because, well, they destroy each other. They are like regular kites but better. By Will Armed Kite Fighting These aeronautical cutters might be appropriately named the Scorpion, “Stingerree,” Wasp, or Hornet, because they fight with their tails, the sting of the insect being represented on […]


By Nate Daniels GUIDED MISSILES Guided missiles are one of the most destructive weapons on earth. They are made in different sizes from 4 feet to a 60 foot missile which can fly one-third of the way around the world and destroy its target. These missiles are made to destroy cities, airplanes, other missiles, or […]

War Tanks

By Nate Daniels A tank is a big, heavy armored vehicle that is used for war, and usually travels on continuous tracks. Some of the weapons of a tank are cannons, machine guns, and grenade launchers which are mounted on turrets and launched. Some tanks have smoke generators to hide their positions from enemies. There […]


By Nate Daniels A submarine is a warship that can go under water and stay there for months at a time. Most submarines are used for war, but some are used for scientific purposes. The length of the war submarine is 200-550 feet in length and its rounded hull is about 30 feet in diameter. […]