Culper Spy Ring

by Will Thompson Picture this: It’s the revolutionary war. The British have control over some of the northernmost regions, like New York City where their base of operations is located. But back then, of course, it was next to impossible to know what the British were planning to do, where they would attack, what ships […]

Knighthood and the Knights of the Round Table

by Will Thompson When you think of knights you think of suited men with weapons. That was a looonnnggg time ago. Now a days, believe it or not, people are still knighted, but now a days it’s solely honorary. In the middle ages before being knighted, the teenage trainee (or squire) would help his master, […]

A “terrible” Russian Ballet that became famous

by Josh Barker The Nutcracker is the most popular show around the holiday season. It has a long backstory. In Russia nuts were treats for the holidays much like eggnog in the States. If you have ever tried to crack a nut with its shell on, it is hard! They had nutcrackers which cracked the […]

What do you know about Thanksgiving and the Pilgrims?

What do you know about Thanksgiving and the Pilgrims?

by Josh Barker Did you know…? 1. The Pilgrims were persecuted and jail by the English Church. They tried to make an escape to Holland. After their first attempt where the men and the women and children were separated the men were caught. They were put in jail. Their second attempt was successful. They saw […]