Mueller Report — An Overview

After 2 years of investigating collusion between Russia and President’s Trump campaign, Special Counsel Robert Mueller has released his report. His conclusions are very clear: “…[T]he investigation did not establish that members of the Trump Campaign conspired or coordinated with the Russian government in its election interference activities.” (Report Volume I, Page 2) “…this report […]

Rigby’s Water World: The Newest Water Park in Central Georgia

Rigby’s Water World opened early July of last year; however, it was late enough for many to miss it in the busyness of the 3 ½ weeks between the opening of the park and the first day of school. It was the first water park to open in several years in Central Georgia since Sandy […]

The Galapagos Islands and their Wildlife

Let’s play a little game, shall we? What is the first thing you think of when you hear the word ‘Island?’ Probably you picture a place like Hawaii, or the Bahamas. Long, sandy beaches, palm trees, and probably surrounded by tropical forests. I want to picture yourself walking down the beach on your imaginary, ideal […]

When Flowers Bloom and Wings Spread: Chapter 2 – The Stranger

by Amelia K Bowers P420 was awoken from her coma-like state by crashing waves on the beach. She started to slowly sit up from the ground only to be pushed down by an unknown source. “Stay down,” ordered a masculine voice. “You need to rest. You took a pretty nasty hit to the head.” Sure […]

Vice President Mike Pence in Macon

Vice President Mike Pence in Macon

On Saturday, July 21, Vice President Mike Pence came into Macon to campaign for Georgia Gubernatorial candidate Brian Kemp. This visit comes just a few days after President Trump tweeted his endorsement of Kemp. The president wrote, “Brian Kemp is running for Governor of the great state of Georgia. The Primary is on Tuesday. Brian […]

Culper Spy Ring

by Will Thompson Picture this: It’s the revolutionary war. The British have control over some of the northernmost regions, like New York City where their base of operations is located. But back then, of course, it was next to impossible to know what the British were planning to do, where they would attack, what ships […]

When Flowers Bloom and Wings Spread: Chapter 1- Experiments

by Amelia K Bowers April 20th is the day a baby girl was born. It is also the day she and many other children were stolen by VIPER. They were taken to a ship base in which the leaders of VIPER talked in different languages. This was so they would grow up knowing many languages. […]