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Top 10 Weird Sports

by Will Thompson

There are a lot of random, stupid, and downright strange activities that people find to fill their time. So—being a enthusiast of all things weird— I had to write about them. Here are some of the strangest things that some sportsmen—or should I say extremely bored weirdos—have invented and “play” on a normal basis. Please enjoy, and remember, these stunts are performed by trained professionals, do not attempt at home… unless you want your neighbors to think of you as the village idiot for probably the rest of our life. 😂

  1. Extreme Ironing.
    Yes, this is an actual sport. It is performed by putting yourself in any extreme activity of your choosing, be it diving, rock climbing, parachuting, or any other of your choice, and taking along with you an iron, an ironing board, and a wrinkled shirt. For example, some extremists have climbed to the top of Mt. Rushmore and ironed their clothes, while others have chosen to go diving to the bottom of a reef and do it there—though I am rather curious how you would iron something underwater. It was started in the 1980s in Great Britain by a man named Tony Hiam (who was probably dropped as a kid 😂), who first got the idea from his brother-in-law, who was a stickler when it came to neatly pressed clothes. He would go as far as to take ironing boards with him while camping in the wilderness. (Remember kids, don’t ever think an idea you have is too stupid.) Extreme ironing is now an internationally recognized sport with thousands of practitioners, its own official federation, and even a website. If something that weird can get so much hype, I seriously doubt your ideas will be any stranger.
  2. Cheese Rolling.
    For this next one, I assure you it is even dumber than it sounds. This annual competition takes place in England. Competitors line up at the top of Cooper’s Hill in Gloucester U.K. where a large, round slice of cheese is rolled down the hill. Competitors have to race down the steep hill, which mostly consists of tripping, rolling, and occasionally somersaulting down the slope after the cheese, and the first to the bottom gets to take it home along with the distinguished title of cheese rolling champion. If you ever feel bored, go on Youtube and watch some of these cheese rolling competitions. They are rather amusing to say the least. Here’s a 3 minute National Geographic video about it.
  3. Shin Kicking.
    Yep. This is a sport. If you think you’ve seen some strange things in your life, you haven’t seen two three hundred pound muscular men out in a field bashing away at each other’s shins. That kind of thing is not easy to get out of your memory. Rules are simple, put on a pair of shin guards, then let the fight begin. The first one to fall down in pain loses.
  4. Bossaball.
    Now this is a sport that I think will sound fun to all of us…this sport is played on a large inflatable pad with a volleyball net running down the middle. A miniature trampoline is placed on either side of the net, where one person is assigned to be the one to jump up and spike the ball down onto the opposing team. The unique thing about this sport is that, for one, it is payed on a large bouncy court. Second, and most importantly, you are allowed to use any part of your body you please just so long you don’t guide the ball by throwing it. Therefore, this sport introduces elements of soccer, gymnastics, and trampoline tricks into the ultimate game of volleyball.
  5. Chess Boxing.
    Now, this is an extremely random yet surprisingly entertaining sport. As the name suggests, this sport begins with a three minute round of chessplay, before moving on to a three minute round of gloved boxing matches. Each round (regardless of it being chess or boxing) is three minutes long, and then the contest goes for eleven rounds. The winner of the contest is either decided be a victory in the chess match, or victory in the boxing matches. Dominance in either event will gain you a win in the whole contest.
  6. Cycle Ball.
    This sport was introduced in 1893 by Nicholas Edward Kaufman, and had its first world championship in 1929. While you have probably never heard of this sport, it is actually very common in Europe. The rules are pretty straightforward. There is an arena similar to a soccer field, with two netted goals at each end; however, instead of grass or sod, there is a hard surfaced floor. There are typically two players per team on the court, but occasionally you will have six or seven player matches. Players use specially designed bikes with no brakes or gear shifts (like most arena racing bikes). To complicate things, the players are only allowed to hit the ball with their bikes or heads to get the ball into the goals. This sport crosses bicycle acrobatics with soccer, in the most unusually entertaining yet extreme way.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rKiurFQLXQg
  7. Buzkashi.
    This sport is the oldest one on the list…originally practiced by the Mongolians, this middle eastern sport is played on horseback with two teams of about seven men apiece. There are very few rules, and the field boundaries are merely a suggestion. The object of the game is to carry a hollowed-out goat carcass across the field around a flag, and then throw it into the opposing team’s pit. It is much like polo, except a much more violent version. The game starts when the carcass is dropped on one side of the field, then the teams must ride around the carcass and fight to pick it up. Then they have to carry it across the field without anyone from the other team getting it, then run it around the flag and into the other team’s pit. There are very little restrictions, and team members try to get the carcass using whatever means necessary. Even though this sport sounds rather prehistoric and barbaric, it is in fact the national sport of Afghanistan and is an official sport monitored by the Afghan Olympic Federation.
  8. Kaiju Big Battel.
    This is based on an old movie franchise where gigantic monsters battle it out, destroying entire cities in their epic clashes (think along the lines of Godzilla). A very easily entertained and probably extremely bored group of students started this sport after making a video documentary.
  9. Segway Polo.
    This sport is rather self explanatory, game play being just like regular horse polo…except on segways. Two teams consisting of five players riding segways must guide a small ball (by hitting it with handheld mallets) into the opposing team’s net.
  10. Quidditch.
    Last but certainly not least, we have Quidditch. For those of you that have either seen or read the Harry Potter series, yes. Quidditch is a legitimate sport. For those of you who may not be as familiar with the Harry Potter book and movie series: Quidditch is the most popular sport among wizards in the series. This sport is played on a large, oval shaped field with three large rings at each end. In the movies, this sport is played on flying broomsticks…but since, tragically, those are rather hard to come by in today’s economy, players have to settle for holding broomsticks between their legs and running. Each team has seven players. For each team there are two Beaters, one Seeker, and four Chasers. Four different balls come into play in Quidditch. The quaffle (a part way deflated volleyball) is the main ball that is used. Chasers pass the quaffle back and forth to each other and fight over it similarly to how you would in soccer, except the ball is carried instead of kicked. Beater’s jobs are to knock the Chaser’s off their broomsticks (or in real life throw dodgeballs at them. If a player is hit, he has to go tag one of the rings to be put back into the game.). As before mentioned, there are rings on either end of the fields. To score a point, Chasers must throw the quaffle through the opposing teams rings. To end the game, one team’s Seeker must find and capture the third ball, the snitch (which in real life is a tennis ball stuffed inside a sock and tied to the back of a designated runner’s belt). All in all, this is a fairly new sport, so it hasn’t had much time to take off (or generate the interest to pay for more official gear instead of the makeshift equipment they use now), so who knows? Maybe in the future this fiction inspired sport will take off…pun intended.

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