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When Flowers Bloom and Wings Spread: Chapter 1- Experiments

by Amelia K Bowers
April 20th is the day a baby girl was born. It is also the day she and many other children were stolen by VIPER.
They were taken to a ship base in which the leaders of VIPER talked in different languages. This was so they would grow up knowing many languages. By the time the kids were five, VIPER started to test them to know their strengths and weaknesses. Afterwards, they were then injected with serum to make them stronger, faster and more agile. As the serum went through their veins, it stung, then burned them and eventually made them feel ice cold.
Cole Zachary was not just a mad scientist, but as the leader of VIPER, he had a Nazi-like mindset. He was determined not to allow any of his ‘experiments’ to escape. He had one mistake with T101 and that was enough.
These children were mercilessly trained until their knuckles and feet often bled. Then the real experiments started when the children were eight years old. One by one the scientists began genetically engineering and changing each child’s DNA. Only one survived this brutal process.
This was the baby girl born on April 20th. This once normal girl was now transformed. Her innate imagination was her strength and even as a small child in the VIPER facility she dreamed and longed for the ability to take wings and leave. The serum she received took this desire of her thoughts and was manifested by the sprouting of broad, feathery wings! She was now the Perigrine Experiment so they called her not a name but a number–P420.
After seven brutal years of training and experimenting she was now taken to the leader of VIPER. I wonder where they are taking me? P420 thought. Maybe more of the heck hole they call training she rolled her eyes and chuckled to herself. The guards that were holding her by each arm very firmly took her to a dimly lit room with creepy decor and sat her down on a metal chair in front of a desk and then stepped back. In the chair behind the desk there was a cold , yet, silky voice that said, “I suppose you are P420?” “ Yes sir”, she replied, “and you are?” “I am Cole Zachary the head of VIPER.” “And why, may I ask, am I in this, uh, fine room with the ‘lovely’ Cole Zachary himself?” she asked sarcastically.
He chuckled “Well, you’ll see,” he said in a silky, mischievous voice, “I want you to be in my army and I’m afraid you don’t have a choice.” Right then P420 said in an arrogant voice, willing her stomach to be calm,
“And if I cross you?” Cole said in a cold voice, “You will be eliminated.”
She lost it. P420 unfurled her wings from her back knocking out the two guards behind her and punched Cole in the face sending him under as well. She pulled them aside and flew out the door. Okay now what, she thought I knocked out three people in one day and that wasn’t even planned! She looked around franticly hoping to find a door, a window, something! She went back into Cole’s room hoping for something she could use to get out. She looked on the bookshelf and in drawers. She finally went to Cole’s desk. Looking under files she found something. A big red button. What could go wrong she thought sarcastically and pressed it. To her dismay a very loud sound filled the ship on the bright side it revealed a window. P420 stepped back a couple paces and tried pushing the desk out the window to make a hole. It worked!
P420 flew out the hole in the window and soared high above the ship and flew the other direction. She was got wearier and wearier as she flew further and further. Then suddenly it went dark. She awoke covered in sand and salty water. “Where am I”, she asked.


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