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Take Your Own Jedi Tests

Star Wars, from the first day it came out, was wildly successful and popular. The storyline was fantastic,and the graphics were unlike anything anyone had ever seen. What else drew the fans? Starships shooting their laser thingies at each other in epic battles, clone troopers in their full body armor, Hans Solo and the Wookie, and most of all, the Jedi. Jedi are some of the most respected and powerful warriors in the galaxy. They were legendary for their use of the force, for combat, mind control, and for seeing glimpses of time. They were also quite good at hand-to-hand combat, being able to (sometimes) beat a whole squad of Stormtroopers unarmed.
But more than anything, they are known for their skills with a one of a kind weapon, the lightsaber. The lightsaber was one of the most advanced pieces of technology with its colorful plasma blade. It is capable of cutting through blast doors, blocking the plasma rounds of rifles, and all in one weapon. The blade was powered by a single energy crystal. What most people don’t know, is that each color of lightsaber represents what role a Jedi played and in some cases what kind of personality he or she might have. In the following pages, there is a test that will show you what lightsaber you would likely have if you were in the Star Wars galaxy. Here we go! Enjoy!

1) You are a Jedi of the Resistance. One day after training, your master comes and gives you a mission. It is to secretly infiltrate a military base of the First order and collect intelligence. However, you are told that you will be paired with D5-70, that oldest, noisiest, most obnoxious droid on the Resistance’s base. You would…
a. Tell your master that you won’t go on the mission if you must take the droid
b. Politely ask if the droid would affect the mission
c. Bow to your master and go on the mission, no questions asked.
d. Try and strategize your mission so that the droid will be as little hindrance as possible.

2) Your infiltration was successful and you are now inside the First Order’s base. You have snuck through several passages without meeting any Stormtroopers, but suddenly, you hear a small patrol coming your way. If you go back the other way, you risk losing too much time. If you go forward, they will catch you. You
a. Whip out your lightsaber and BONSAI!!
b. Use the force to thrown them backwards
c. Do the Jedi mind trick on the leader of the platoon to make him lead his men somewhere else
d. Try to find another way through with as few delays as possible

3) You have made it past the troopers successfully. You are now inside one of the main computer room. There are very few guards, but the guards they have are some of the most advanced and powerful droids the order makes. When you try to sneak around them, one of them spots you and opens fire. The Order has designed these droids so that if one is attacked, it will alert every other nearby droid. So if you fight back, you will risk more, if you don’t fight, however, you’ll be shot.
a. You use the force and crush the droid. If you attract more droids, the more the merrier.
b. You quickly use the force to push the droid out of the computer room and then seal the door. Get the intelligence and just find another way out.
c. You try to get behind the droid, risking being shot, but if successful, you’ve deactivated it. That way, you’ve stopped the droid and prevented further attacks.
d. You run to the main computers and try to deactivate the droid.

4) You’ve successfully collected intelligence from the main computer, and now you’re heading out. Suddenly, an alarm sounds, and you hear the clashing of droid footsteps coming your way. You…
a. Use force lightning to eradicate the droids
b. Use the force on one of the lead droids to cause him to shoot down his comrades
c. Run and try to find a safe way to escape
d. Call your droid companion to pick you up

5) You are on your way out of the base when you come to a set of impassable blast doors. You see a panel on the side that has several buttons. You assume it’s the control panel, but you’re not sure how to work it. You…
a. Use the force to rip the doors off their hinges
b. Use your lightsaber to slowly cut the door apart.
c. Use the Force on the control panel to try and open the doors
d. Call your droid partner back in our ship (hidden outside the base) to instruct you how to use the doors

6) You made it outside the base and are almost to your ship. However, you hear a noise off to your left. When you look, there is a Sith Lord coming towards you. You…
a. Grab the droid out of the cockpit of your Starfighter and throw him at Sith. When the Sith is distracted, run away.
b. Take out your saber and duel him one on one.
c. Try the jedi mind trick
d. Use the force push, then throw a grenade near where he landed, so that when it detonates, it causes debris to fall on top of him.

Count up how many of each letter you have. Whichever you have the most of is corresponds with your color.
(a) You would have a red light saber. You tend to be more reactive than proactive. You probably have a quick temper and don’t always tolerate much. You don’t back down from a fight and will push through to the end of what you start. You don’t easily give up and will finish whatever you start.
(b) You would have a blue light saber. You tend to be combat-oriented. You are courageous and kind. You will stand up for your friends if the need arises and fight for what you believe in.
(c) You would have a green light saber. You have a peaceful, calm personality. If conflict arises, you try to settle it with negotiation and reason. You also use your knowledge for peace instead of war.
(d) You would have a purple light saber. You think analytically. You consider both sides of an argument. You are clever and find innovative ways to do whatever you put your mind to.


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