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The Federalist Party

“I’ve been a Republican my whole life. Ronald Reagan once famously said, “I didn’t leave the Democratic party, the Democratic party left me.” Well, I’m not leaving the GOP. The GOP became the POT – the Party of Trump – and I won’t be represented by him. I swallowed my pride and backed Mitt Romney even though I didn’t think he was a conservative because he was close enough and had an American revival of prosperity in his heart. I held my nose and supported John McCain even though I knew he wasn’t a conservative because I felt he was strong and could do more for America than the Senator from Illinois.
“George W. Bush. Bob Dole. George H. W. Bush. I look back at all of the GOP nominees that I’ve supported and it’s clear that none of them would have been my first, second, or even third choice, but they were acceptable and clearly Republicans. The same cannot be said about Donald J. Trump. He’s not acceptable. He’s not clearly a Republican, though now it seems that the Republican party is becoming more like him. Outside of immigration, he’s nowhere near the realm of being called a conservative. Most importantly, nothing outside of his rhetoric would lead me to believe that he has anything other than his own ego to appease. He’s not doing this for America. He’s doing this for Donald J. Trump.” These were the rumblings of disenfranchised voter and editor of The New Americana and Soshable, JD Rucker. His article, Who wants a Truly Conservative Party?, spread rapidly through conservative circles. He describes the response in a blog post less than a month later, “We’ve received an incredible number of inquires, thousands of which have offered to actively participate in building the party from the ground up through volunteering, contributions, and bringing together the efforts of groups with which they’re already involved. We were contacted by Tea Party officials, a budding organization with the same intent, media representatives, and politicians. The initial response to a basic idea was tremendous.”
The issue, Rucker says is a political ideological shift to the left by both major parties. “The Democrats are showing their true socialist and communist leanings while the Republicans are filling the gaps in the middle. Those of us on the right are being left behind.” Rucker’s original article was written in July of 2016, in the middle of the Republican National Convention. Since then, his Facebook page, originally titled Unified Conservative Party, has gotten just over 9,000 likes. That’s not a lot compared to the 2.1 million likes of the Republican National Committee Facebook page and 1.4 million likes of the Democratic Party Facebook page, but it’s a start. Especially considering that no major media outlets have covered Rucker’s article or the movement. Since the original post, Rucker has gathered together a team and is beginning The Federalist Party.
Beginning is really the wrong word, because the Federalist Party truly is the oldest political party in our nation. Historian John Chester Miller dates the party back to 1789. You may recognize the names of a few of its more notable members: Alexander Hamilton, John Jay, John Adams, Daniel Webster, John Marshall, and more. The Federalist Party began ideologically as backing a strong federal government, compared to the Articles of Confederation’s extremely weak federal government and strong state government. Their opposition, the Democratic-Republican Party, favored stronger state governments. No to spread any confusion, today’s Federalist party is not for a bloated and big federal government. Rucker explains, “When we look back in history at the original Federalist Party, we can see many great things that they accomplished, but the fulfillment of their near-perfect union was only possible when balanced through engagement with their opposition. They gave us the Constitution, but their opposition gave us the Bill of Rights. They struck the necessary chords to bring the nation together in strength of unity, but their opposition preserved the necessary power of the states. Today, our Federalist Party will push for the same goal from the opposite perspective. Instead of fighting to establish a strong federal government, achieving balance can only happen by drawing back the powers the federal government has accumulated.”
While the idea and people came before November 8th, there was not enough time to actually help influence this election, which was less than 3 months away when the first announcement came out. The official soft launch was Tuesday, November 15, 2016. They plan to have their hard launch in early 2017. You can visit their website: thefederalistparty.org for more information or click here for party updates. You can also like them on Facebook here.


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