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The Odd and Sort of Creepy Misadventure of Michael Pembleton Part 1

By Will Thompson

It was a dark, cold night. Halloween night, to be exact. Different sounds could be heard on the street outside. Shouts, moans, the random howl, sounds of Halloween night. I Michael W. Pembleton, was up in my room putting on my costume. Our house was in the middle of a residential neighborhood. So naturally, there were a lot of witches, goblins, bats, and other strange creatures outside. All going from house to house collecting candy. I was going as a werewolf this year. Though the mask was a little cheap, the rest was awesome! I was going out with my friends that evening, but we weren’t going our usual route through our neighborhood, we had something different planned. We were going to start our usual route through Main Street, but then we were going to cut through a few side streets and head for Black Hollow, a woody area just outside our neighborhood. There was supposedly a haunted house out there in the middle of nowhere, and we wanted to find it.
Legend had it, that this house once belonged to the Blakely family in the 1800s. There was a father, mother, two daughters, and then some of their cousins, their great grandfather and grandmother, and some aunts and uncles. However, there was one oddball in the family, someone that stood out like a colored rainbow in a black and white movie. A great-great five times removed, twice misplaced uncle, they called Uncle Burt. Burt supposedly had stolen one of the aunt’s priceless diamond necklaces, hid it, or maybe sold it. Something like that. Anyway, the uncle somehow ruined the families’ lives and they were forced to move back to wherever it was they came from. The uncle ran off with the countless billions of dollars and came back to hide the money in the abandoned house. Anyway, I was getting ready to leave. Just then, the doorbell rang. I jogged down the stairs and opened the door. There stood a witch, a ghost, or some odd looking bat/goat/person hybrid thing.
“Tom, what in the world are you wearing?” I asked my friend.
“I’m supposed to be the Jersey Devil. The cryptid?”
Crickets chirped.
“Yeah, sure. Come on in guys.” I opened the door to them, and they stepped inside.
“So, are we still on for the route through the woods?” I asked my three friends, Tom Margaret, and Jenny. Everybody nodded.
“Good, let’s go.” We went back through the house to the front door. “We’re going mom!” I shouted.
“Okay!” I heard her call back. “I’ll see you later.”
We left the house and headed on to the house, the doomed, rotting, old, and haunted house.



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