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Knighthood and the Knights of the Round Table

A Renaissance painting
by Will Thompson
When you think of knights you think of suited men with weapons. That was a looonnnggg time ago. Now a days, believe it or not, people are still knighted, but now a days it’s solely honorary. In the middle ages before being knighted, the teenage trainee (or squire) would help his master, the knight, suit up for battle, run errands, and would train for battle. To stay in shape, the squire would throw the javelin and wrestle. When ready, they would be knighted by royalty and fight in wars and compete in tournaments. These Christian warriors are quite interesting. Strange, but interesting.

The classic tale of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table is a very good book. I have a theory about it, think that it might be that it’s an allegory of the Bible. The twelve knights may represent the twelve disciples. Arthur, would be Jesus, and Mordred would be Judas Iscariot. And I think it lines up partially with the book when Arthur pulls the sword from the stone and when Jesus realizes he is our Lord.


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