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War Kites

Armed war kites are a fun way to fly kites because, well, they destroy each other. They are like regular kites but better.

By Will

Armed Kite Fighting
These aeronautical cutters might be appropriately named the Scorpion, “Stingerree,” Wasp, or Hornet, because they fight with their tails, the sting of the insect being represented on the kite-tail by the razor-like cutters.
The tactics used in these battles of the clouds are just the opposite from those employed in fighting with unarmed kites.
To win the battle you so maneuver your warrior that its tail sweeps across and cuts the string off your antagonist.
Armed kites are usually made after the pattern of the American six-sided or hexagonal kite. They are two and one-half feet high, covered with paper cambric, or, when economy is no object, with silk.
As a successful warrior looks well after his arms, so should the tail of a war kite receive the most careful attention.
One very popular style of tail is made of strips of bright- colored cloth about one inch wide tied securely in the middle to a strong twine, the tail ending in a fancy tassel.
Another style is made of long narrow strips of white cloth securely sewed together. This tail is not so apt to become knotted or tangled as the first.


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