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Upgrades to Macon

The city of Macon and Bibb County recently consolidated. This means that we have a great chance to Upgrade Macon. The Upgrades I propose are NOT plans proposed by Macon-Bibb. They are my ideas so please don’t Google when Macon is going to get a Lifetime Fitness or when it will get a Maglev. The ONLY idea that is in the works is the Renaissance on the River development which was NEVER my idea.
One upgrade is the Macon Maglev. I have talked to many people who have told me more public transit would be nice. A maglev is better a light rail system which is like a street car in Savannah, except made in the 21st Century, and a heavy rail system like MARTA in Atlanta.

The Maglev train on the test track in Powder Springs, GA.

The Maglev train on the test track in Powder Springs, GA.

My idea is to have four lines. We would start with three for now and add the fourth later. The first would be the red line. The red line would start off Exit 6 off I-16 near the Airport and GEICO off Ocmulgee East Boulevard. The line would go to Terminal Station and under downtown. It would then follow Vineville Avenue and end at Zebulon Road.
The planned Renaissance on the River development.

The planned Renaissance on the River development.

The yellow line would start at the same place as the red line, except it would follow Riverside Drive after Terminal Station and another station at the future Renaissance on the River Development where it would split away from the red line. It would end at Bass Road. The blue line would start at Gray Hwy. and hit Terminal Station and then go toward Mercer and then head west and end at Eisenhower Crossing near Target, Zaxby’s, Best Buy, etc.
Terminal Station located at the corner of 5th and Cherry Streets.

Terminal Station located at the corner of 5th and Cherry Streets.

The purple line would be completed later. It would go with the blue line until Mercer, when it would go south and end in Houston County. Another upgrade would be new developments. South Macon has experienced hard times with the Shoppes at River Crossing’s development. We would move Burlington Coat Factory out of the abandoned shopping center on the land that used to be Westgate Mall and turn it into a place like INK in Gainesville, GA. An interactive neighborhood for kids plus a career center for older kids in Middle and High School. We would move Burlington Coat Factory into the former Sears at the Macon Mall. We will destroy the former Belk and turn it into a glass entrance. We will build a development across from JCPenney where Dillard’s used to stand. We would bring Kohl’s and other stores and restaurants. We would then add a fast food restaurant to the food court downstairs and add a yogurt shop above the food court along with a new entrance to Macy’s on both floors. This makes the mall look more filled without adding many new stores. Instead of the historic photos of Macon, which would be put in the Museum of Arts and Sciences, we would have the walls lined with pictures of vibrant stores and restaurants and bars like the shoppes does. Also across the street from the mall on the Eisenhower Parkway side, the former Kroger shopping center is to be given to Central Georgia Tech. It is abandoned except the Macon Flea Market in the former Kroger. It will move to the former Kmart that is currently used by Virginia College. We will try to get Barnes & Noble in the former Books a Million and Georgia Music Store locations. This will help South Macon. Next we will try to develop “the other side of the railroad”. This would be behind Terminal Station near Central City Park. It would be called Newtown. Macon was originally named Newtown. It would be a development with street level shops and restaurants. Above it would be offices and lofts. There would also be a miniature version of Peachtree Center in Atlanta. We would get more offices in Downtown without destroying the historic buildings in Downtown. We would also renovate Central City Park.
Across the Macon Centreplex is not a hoping area with businesses and loft, but instead abandoned buildings and the Secretary of State Building. The Secretary of State building can be moved. We can make this a hoping area with possibly a roller skating rink, lofts, another hotel or two, and businesses. Many events come to the Centreplex. We could make this a bustling area. With developments, we would also bring Harris Teeter to Macon. With the Harris Teeter merger (page 4), Kroger could get locations in Macon. Ideas for this are in the Harris Teeter/Kroger Merger article. Macon could do many things.
If you are interested in more details, more ideas, or have more ideas please contact me at maconkidsmagazine@hotmail.com


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