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The Dark Diamond Part 3

A to Zoe Mysteries: The Dark Diamond Part 3

“Listen Saige, the Barber did it. Listen to me!” I ran out of the room and down the steps and into Tulane’s mother. “Dear, whatever she said, she didn’t…” “No time!” I scrambled down the stairs past Tulane’s mother and ran out the door and down the street. Albuquerque, Maryland is a small town. Tulane lived on Hillingdon Avenue. I ran north and turned right onto Main Street. I panted for breath when I stopped in front of Iris’ Barber Shop. I was in the right place. I casually walked in as Hadley Iris, the barber gasped. “Miss Saige! My goodness! What did you do to your hair?” “I dressed up as an Indian and put shoe polish in my hair. Can you get it out?” I sat down as she got some shampoo. Hadley Iris is 79 years old. She loves rock climbing. “Mrs. Iris, do you know about my necklace?” I asked.

“No ma’am. I’m afraid I’m not sure about what you are talking about.” “Tulane says you took it!” Mrs. Iris looked pale white and I realized that it couldn’t be her. I looked in the mirror and saw that she couldn’t have done it. I went back to Tulane’s. “Listen the truth is that I just hated you hair black. You belong with red hair. I don’t know the thief, but I hope you find them.” Tulane’s mother talked to me before I left. “Saige, did Tulane say she stole your necklace?” “No.” I replied, “Did she?” “No. At least, I don’t think so. I thought she might have, but I didn’t want to break up your friendship.” “Thanks!” I said and I left baffled.

What should I do next? I didn’t know the thief or someone, who knows the thief. I walked along the street. I came to the house of my dear friend Heather Intruder, a small 4 year old girl, who is fascinated with video cameras. She was playing in her front yard videoing the street. And so, I went to her and said, “Hello Heather! How are you doing on this fine afternoon? Do you know about my necklace?” “The pretty one?” Heather asked. “Yeah!” I said, “It was stolen. Do you know anything about it?” “Why of course!” she replied, “I was stolen by the person that stole the necklace.” “What!?!” “Why of course!” And then she revealed it all. “On a dark late night…” “When?” “Last Tuesday afternoon.” Heather replied, “So anyway, this girl came into my room during my nap. She was wearing a sound muffler, and invisibility dress.” “Wait! If she was wearing an invisibility dress, how did you see her?” I asked. “Well, I didn’t. She picked me up. I felt something around me, but I couldn’t see anyone. And so, thank goodness for my obsession for cameras, just before we left, I picked up my camera. Just like any other little girl, I filmed everything that was happening. I have the tape right here if you want it!” “Tape! What is this 2005 or something?” “What’s 2005?” “5 years before you were born!” I remarked. “Can we get on track here?” “Right, right! Sure, the tape is perfect. But in your story, will you get to the part where you see my necklace stolen?” I asked. “Sure, sure whatever! Ok. And so anyway, I filmed how we got there.” “Where?” “To your house!” “Wait! How did you know?” “About what?” asked Heather?

“What have I been here for this whole time?” I asked.


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