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If you have an article or would like to become a contributor please contact us
At maconkidsmagazine@hotmail.com. We love having contributors. I would like to
Announce our newest contributors: Luke Daniel and James Whitfield. The Macon Kids
Magazine is excited to have y’all. When you check out our website also check us out
On Facebook and like us. Our page is Macon Kids Magazine or:
We have enjoyed putting together this issue of the Macon Kids Magazine. We will have
a contest for our next issue. Write an article for the Macon Kids Magazine. Send it into
our email or the form below and we will publish the best one. Please include your name, your age, your
email address or other source of reaching you. Let your parents know BEFORE you enter. We are not your parents. Your parents may not want us posting your name and age on the internet, which is fine. Just put Anonymous for your name and put your age. Also, please have an adult or a friend who knows spelling, punctuation, and grammar rules. If you do not put quotation marks around quotes, or periods, or spaces, or your spelling is wrong, this will bring down your score. We do not have time to add in punctuation and fix grammar and spelling!
If you would like to subscribe to the Macon Kids Magazine, please go to our website and click
under get a copy, become a subscriber. We hope you enjoy our magazine and good luck to all!
Thanks for reading!


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