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The Government Shutdown

In the beginning of October of 2013 our country had a government shutdown. The Air Force Base was closed. Outdoor memorials which have never been closed even during other shutdowns were closed. President Obama wanted the country to feel pain so the Republicans will give in. They did when the shutdown ended. Many people blame the Republican Party for the shutdown. Before the shutdown the House of Representatives had voted to defund Obama Care. Obamacare is supposed to raise health insurance costs where most people can’t afford so they can pay for the insurance of the poor. The Senate leader Harry Reid refused and so did the Senate. “Any bill that defunds Obamacare is dead.” Senator Harry Reid said. After that there were bills delaying the expensive Obamacare,which put us in the shutdown. Members of Congress have waivers of Obamacare. This means they don’t have to follow it. Because it is so horrible Congress, the President and his friends all don’t apply. The house’s last bill before the shutdown that Harry Reid despised was “diabolical”. “No waivers for anyone.” With such a horrible Obamacare, of course the Senate Democrats said no. If Obamacare is too bad for the Senate to live with, it is too bad for the American people to live with. In 2014 we will see if the Democrats stay in power or if Republicans win and save America from Obama and Obamacare.
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