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The Zero Energy Home

by Josh Barker

A Houze Model home.

A Houze Model home.

Houze is a zero energy home company. There are 12 floorplans which all range between $200,000-$250,000. They are currently building homes in a run down neighborhood in Houston, Texas called Independent Heights. Recently they were featured on the Bloomberg Financial Channel on it’s show Brink which visits companies which are ahead of their time. “We want to replicate this as a model across the states.” says their CEO and founder David Goswick. The homes are 100% powered on Natural gas. The powercell, which provides the homes electricity provides much more power than the home needs so the electricity is sent to the power company so you can make money off living in a zero energy home. WHAT? Houze pays for the natural gas with the money you make off selling the extra electricity. “We want to partner with people that have products that can be manufactured consistent with our solutions. We love to have a line of appliances that work with the way we’re building these homes.” the company said to Bloomberg’s Matt Miller. Whirlpool is one of the line of appliances that works with them. As a water heater they use something called an Aquadrive. It helps water circulate the some. “It [the water] gets hot by heat that comes off from the powercell.” Their CEO says they have zero based everything from their insulation to their appliances to their lights everything is made to be zero energy. They have achieved the unheard of HERS (Home Energy Rating) score of 44. The average newly built home is 100 and an energy star home is 85. This is when the home is powered by the grid, or in our case Georgia Power, once the powercell starts working, it will be a score of 0. Yes, 0!! Houze is an amazing company.

For more information on Houze visit http://www.thezeroenergyhome.com.

Photo from Fox 26 Report

Photo from Fox 26 Report


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