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A Submarine

A Submarine

By Nate Daniels
A submarine is a warship that can go under water and stay there for months at a time. Most submarines are used for war, but some are used for scientific purposes. The length of the war submarine is 200-550 feet in length and its rounded hull is about 30 feet in diameter. The submarine can take up to 150 crew members who can live in comfort for months at a time. The shape of the submarine is mainly cigar shaped so it could skim through the water with very little resistance. I will not go on and try to give you’ll the details of how a submarine looks like because it would be too difficult. These submarines are powered by nuclear energy and steam generators, which put together, make the engines of a nuclear submarine. A submarine can go 20 knots when it is on the surface of the water.

There are two different kinds of war submarines; attack submarines and ballistic missile submarines. Attack submarines are made to destroy ships and enemy submarines; they also destroy land targets with missiles. This kind of submarine uses sonar to detect enemy ships and submarines.

Ballistic missile submarines are made to destroy cities with their long range missiles; they are also used to spy out enemy submarines and ships. The ballistic missile submarines are larger than attack submarines even though they look almost the same.

The weapons that a submarine carries are missiles and torpedoes which are used to attack ships, enemy submarines, and destroy cities. The long range missiles that a submarine carries can strike its target from 1,500 miles -4,000 miles away. These long range missiles can go from one end of America to another and destroy its target. Some of these long range missiles have several warheads which are aimed at different targets when the main missile is lunched. When the main long range missile nears its target the smaller warheads automatically detach themselves from it to hit their targets.

The first submarine was invented by Cornelius Van Drebbel; it was a rowboat that was covered with hides that were waterproof. The first submarine to attempt to sink a ship was called ‘’Turtle” it was invented by David Bushnell during the Revolutionary War. This submarine was powered by a hand cranked propeller and only one person could pilot this submarine. These are some of the names of the inventors and the submarine they invented: Robert Fulton invented the war submarine called ‘’Nautilus” in 1800. This submarine was 21 feet long and it was covered with copper. The submarine called ‘’Hunley” was the first submarine to sink a ship at war, it was invented around 1864. John P. Holland invented the Navy’s first submarine called ‘’U.S.S Holland” in 1898. This submarine was 53 feet (16 meters), and it could go 6 knots under water. It was powered by batteries and a gas engine.


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