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A to Zoe Mysteries: The Dark Diamond Part 2

As we have seen before: My necklace was stolen. I had gone trick-or-treating. Me and my friend Tulane had dressed up as Pocahontas and Sacajawea. We put shoe polish in our hair to make it black. Our detective said that a girl with black hair had filmed the crime. I went to Tulane’s house. Her mother opened the door and let out a deafening scream. Now to Part 2 of the Dark Diamond. Tulane’s mother shrieked “I feel a roach and a spider in my shirt!”
I jumped back and tripped on her one step. “Ouch! I know how to scare away roaches and spiders WITHOUT touching them!” I explained, “Take a deep breath, then suck way in and hold it. Then shout no at the top of your lungs, no.”
“Ok! Can I talk too!”
“Noooo!” I bellowed.
“I thought I was supposed to say no.” she responded and took a breath then shrieked “Noooooooooo!” The roach immediately crawled out of her shirt and flew away with the spider holding onto the roaches legs. “Now I REALLY need to talk to Tulane!”
“Ok dear!” said her mother, “She’s in her room doing her um…” she paused, “Her, her homework. Yea! That’s it! You can come back after she finishes it!”
“Oh?” I said, “It will only take a minute.”
“Not now dear.”
“But I have to come in!” I insisted.
“Fine!” her mother growled, “But only for a few seconds.”

And so I hurried up the stairs to Tulane’s room. I barraged in and asked her quick, but softly, “Did you film the crime?”
“What crime?” she asked.
“Silly!” I said, “My necklace stolen!”
“Oh!” she mumbled, “I guess, well, sort of, um, and…”
“What is it?” I asked.
“No!” she yelled, “Just, just leave me alone! I’m finishing my letter to Grandma!”
“I thought you were doing your homework!” “I am! Today our teacher said to write to your grandparents!” “You didn’t go to school today! It’s Saturday!”
“Ok, I’ll go out to play. The end of I cannot go to School Today by Shell Silverstein.”
“What is going on Tulane? Did you commit the crime?”
“Tulane!!!” her mother called.
“Ok, I confess, I know who did it!” she acknowleged.
“Who?” I asked.
“The Barber.” She mumbled.
“What? Why?” I was full of questions, but yet again you must wait for the truth of the story. TO BE CONTINUED


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